Our Bicycles

Deron and I started riding bicycles again not just for fun, but also for our Health. It has paid off for us. We have been riding over 1000 miles a year. Our Heath has much improved and I lost 70 pounds.

Final Bike Panniers  2014-07-07

When we started riding bicycles again we lived so far out we would have to load our bicycles up on the vehicle and take them to town so that we could ride them. So we bought Discount Store Bikes to see if we would even do this. We did. Our Health Improved and I was losing that fat I had accumulated on my poor body. The Walmart Bike served us very well and in fact I even made Panniers for mine, then had Deron make Hard Sided Panniers for it. My bike was given to a long legged friend, after I upgraded, but I kept the Panniers.

Deron Sheep Canyon Mickelson Trail 2016-06-06

We upgraded to nicer 29" Mountain Bikes. We are both long legged and LOVE that these bikes have all that leg space. We ride our Mountain Bikes most of the time.

Our bikes we used to ride hundreds, thousands, of miles when we raced Sled Dogs are still in WI and we need to get them here! Deron has a High End Road Bike and I have a really nice Hybrid. Worse. We still have bicycles in SD too. We still own that property, we just need to get back there and get those bikes!

Marna New Pogies 2014-11-22

When I first saw FATTYS I fell in LOVE with them. Deron bought me one, I rode it everywhere in all seasons, and talked him into buying one too. He bought a Higher Quality and it was not long Deron started trying to talk me into buying a Better Made FATTY.....I have not yet, but have been looking.

In fact when I upgraded from my Discount Store Bike, I went with the FATTY. My Mountain Bikes came later. We lived in SD at the time and SD has a LOT of snow each year. YES! We did in fact get out and enjoy it on our FATTY Bikes! A few times Deron was like a 12 y/o boy, speeding up, hitting the breaks and sliding sideways, with a HUGE smile and often a laugh.

Deron and I make a lot of our equipment and Deron is also our 'wrench' (bike fixer and keeper upper). I made our Poggies from my own pattern.

much more and more photos to come

The contents of this page for Our Bicycle is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The MKT Farmhouse Team
Tue, 07 Aug 2018 10:00:31 -0400

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