Our Farm House

Our Farm House was built in 1940. I often wonder how many of the men that built it boarded the MKT Train and went off to World War II. And? How many made it back home again? Was the Master of this home called out for war? Did he come home? Could the new home owners have had a son or sons called out?

This home is lovely and for Deron and I, perfect for us! We love that it is ALL brick, has a full walk out basement, the big front porch, and a Sunroom in the back. We love that it is three bedroom with HUGE closets, four in all, and that the kitchen is so large and large dining room right off the kitchen.

Do we offer a Bed and Breakfast here? Not at this time. I have learned to 'Never Say Never', but we do not have plans to open our home for business.

The Front Porch

One of the things that I said I wanted in a new home for Deron and I was a large Front Porch. I have always loved to sit outdoors and craft or read or just sit and watch nature. Deron and I sit out on our porch and watch the Lighting Bugs come out. And or watch as the Bicycle Riders and Hiker go by on Katy Trail. Funny thing about the Trail Users, and not just Katy but all the Trails Deron and I have used for many many years, friendly, nice people.

The Sun Room - Back Porch

The Jacuzzi and Huge Shower

Basement With Washer and Dryer!

Huge Closets!

The Small Shed

The Once Was KOOOOL Shed

The contents of this page for Our Farm House is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The MKT Farmhouse Team
Tue, 07 Aug 2018 11:13:08 -0400

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