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Our Antique Bike Crossing

We Set Up This Antique Bike and Bicycle Crossing Sign To Keep Riders Safer Of Vehicles Crossing Our Driveway

And. We have added "Holiday Bicycle Displays" for Holidays and for Days we "Just Feel Like Have Bikes Decorated In Our Yard". I can not tell you how many Folks have stopped and taken photos. And we find that VERY FLATTERING!

We have met the nicest people that have stopped to look, take photos and chat...and we LOVE that! It is amazing how many folks, from all over the USA have stopped and chatted!

Happy Halloween 2018

You really have to look, but there are three bicycles and a tricycle in the last photo, the 5th bike is just out of the photo...wait til next year, we have all sorts of ideas of how to set up! (and we have already purchased more skeletons)

WHOOOOPS! and, OH NO! Kris and Dana! We did not get the photo of you guys out here. Can you email me at marna@mktfarmhouse.com

Happy Halloween Bike with Teanna 2018-09-22 Skeleton on Turquoise Cruiser Close Up 2018-10-09 Skeleton on Turquoise Cruiser 2018-10-09 Bicycle Skeleton Adult and Child 2018-10-08 Four Bike Display 2018-10-09

And I Kept Buying More Display Bikes...and Skeletons

Skeleton Bikes 2018-10-14

The contents of this page for Our Yard Display Photos is still, and we hope to remain, under construction. With each Holiday, new ideas....already have more ideas for next years Halloween. Please check back often.

-- The MKT Farmhouse Team
Tue, 09 Oct 2018 11:38:59 -0400

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