Tandem Riding

Bicycles Built For Two!

Marna Deron Cannondale Tandem 2018-09-29

Call them what you will: Bicycle Built For Two, Bicycle Built 4 2, Tandem, Road Bike for Two, Mt. Bike for 2....

Also, some call the Front Rider a Captain, others call those Front Riders Pilots. Back Riders, same thing, some call them Strokers, some call them, Stokers...and some call them, 'Poor Souls'.

Photo of us on our First Tandem Bicycle out for our First Ride on our Cannondale Mt. Bike type Bicycle Built For Two...and yes, we might have sang the song, "Daisy Bell"; (Daisy Bell is the most widely know, most popular, Tandem Bike song, also know as "On A Bicycle Built For Two").

Vintage Tandem Couple

To Me? TANDEM: the original 'Power Assist' bicycle.

Have you ever ridden a Power Assist Bicycle? Have you ever ridden a Tandem with a good partner? I have ridden both. And, Honestly, much the same, as far as the power. Now. There is more to riding a Tandem than that. Team work is a must! But you CERTAINLY DO get a Power Assist with another rider on the same bicycle.

Bicycles Built For Two were a POPULAR mode of Transportation 'back in the day'. That is, back in the days of the late 1800's and early 1900's. Not only were they relatively inexpensive, you did not have to feed and care it like you would a horse, and 'petroleum' was not only expensive then, but also, NOT SO EASY TO FIND!

Couples have continued to ride and race on Tandems since the day they were first made. Deron and I live on right on the Katy Trail and it might surprise you just how many couples come by, usually fully loaded with camping and cycling gear, as they are off on a Tandem Adventure.

I can now tell you from experience; Riding a Tandem, call it, Bicycle Built for Two, IS A LOT OF FUN!

Bike Swap Tandems For Sale

I had wanted a Tandem/Bicycle Built For Two for yeeeears! I look at them for sale on line, I walk toward them early when I go to Bike Swaps, I love the stories about them on line....and then finally, we did not buy just one, we bought two (more why later). Just call me, 'Daisy'. (some of you will get that right away).

We went to a Bike Swap in KS in late Sept 2018. They had four Tandems sitting there...and of course, THAT'S where I went first. They were not bad prices on them. Two were Recumbent (no thanks) and one was a Santana Road Bike the other....A CANNONDALE MT BIKE type. Very shortly after I looked at them, the owners of the Bike Store were walking around LOWERING prices on tags. When they got to the Tandems I asked what the Cannondale was going to cost....he shot us a VERY low price, we rode it and the Street Strider (but it is another story) and I made an offer on both...we bought them... and bags full of other wonderfully priced items of Jerseys and Park Tools and such.

We took the two apart, folded, and such and they rode home in the back of our Suburban. Deron took them back out and reassemled them as soon as we got home, and YES! We tried and loved them. Deron was 0f course able to ride the Street Strider right away, Me? Not so much.

As we rode to Church on our Bicycle the next morning we talked about the Santana Road Bike we left behind. We decided that I would call the Bike Swap and see if they still had it, make a low offer for it and the Park Tool Stand, and see where it all landed....they Countered Fairly and we spent another day in our Vehicle driving to KS and back.

So Glad We Did! Monday we rode our new Santana Road Tandem on Katy....LOVE IT! We learned a lot....

I am kind of a 'control freak'. I will not clip my feet into the Bicycle Pedals!

There is a saying about Tandem Bicycles and Canoes....."Where ever your relationship is, it will get there faster!". Another words. If you have a good relationship, LOTS of fun fast miles. If you have a bad relationship, it will get worse faster! HA HA! So????? "Deron! LOOK OUT!". After we took our first 6 mile test ride, our relationship still wonderful we are still laughing about the ride, can't wait for the next.

We have also learned that Deron needs to be the Captain (some call it Pilot).....that is....TELL ME, the Stroker (some call it Stoker) EXACTLY what we are are doing. Like every time he slows, or goes, or turns, or hesitates the rotation to shift or STOPS, or......EVERYTHING! BAHAHAHHAHA

Actually, we had a whole LOT of fun. Strava says we got it up to 23 mph (25 the next day on the other Tandem).....and we were not even trying! Now? We want to get out there and try and see what happens/how fast!

Cannondale MT800

Rochport on Cannondale Tandem 2018-10-05

I have learned to 'never say never', but my thoughts right now on taking our Cannondale Mountain Bike Tandem Bicycle out on Mt. Bike Trails....No Thanks! But for the Katy Trail or any type like it, or Roads....OH YEAH!

Our first two times out on our Cannondale Tandem we reached speeds we were surprised to see. It handles very well and is so easy to get moving!

more on our Cannondale coming soon

Santana Sovereign

Santana Tandem To Church 2018-10-14

Our Santana Sovereign is a Road Bike Tandem. But Man! It ROCKS down the Katy Trail!

When we ride the Santana, Rocking and Rolling it down the Trail, wearing our Greaatful Dead Bears Jerseys (also bought at that same swap)..... <the next sentence sang> Will we be 'Truckin, what a loooong strange trip it is', to see a, 'Black Magic Woman'? (sorry, could not resist that one!) ' Oye Como Va!'

This is a photo of us the first cold, wet, Oct day, 2018 and we still rode the Santana to Church.

more on our Santana coming soon

Why Two Tandems!?

Micky and Minnie Tandem Riding Pin

The real question is...Why NOT more than one Tandem Bicycle!?

We live RIGHT on the KATY Trail. Our Property actually starts right on the KATY Trail. So? We ride a lot. We have people over to ride a lot. Why not have a little more fun in life more often?

Why not let others ride a Tandem along with us. Why not have Tandem Races!? Why not invite another couple over and just mosey down the trail visiting all there right together, chatting and laughing, as we ride the two Tandems down the Trail?

We Have Met The NICEST People Riding Tandems

Deron and I have met the NICEST folks out on their Tandems. Some things we have noticed about Tandem Riders; Most, but of course not all, are Couples, usually Married and most have been Married a while. These folks love Cycling and Adventures.

much more to come

People You May Have Heard Of Riding Tandems

Jack and Jill on a Tandem Micky and Minnie Tandem Riding Pin Ronald Jr and Nancy Reagan on Tandem

Tandem Trivia ~ Bicycle Built For Two Trivia

The more I read, the more I talk to folks that ride and have ridden Tandems for years, the more I learn. And there is a LOT of Fun Trivia about Tandem Bikes!

The contents of this page for, Tandem Riding, is still under construction. We hope this, as with every page on this site, this page continues to grow. Please check back often.

-- The MKT Farmhouse Team
Tue, 02 Oct 2018 09:17:45 -0400

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